Certifications of impression. Hahnemühle Certified Studio and Epson Digigraphie - Impression Fotográfica and Fine Art

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Guarantees offered in a quality impression

The program Hahnemühle Certified Studio was created to support to the professional suppliers of impression to obtain and to maintain the excellence in the art reproduction, the digital art and photographies.

A study Certificate is credited by one of technicians of Hahnemühle after completing a session of training and evaluation. Between many criteria, the study must have an education level superior with respect to filed/longevity of its impressions, with total competition in the job stream impression Fine Art of red injection. For it the job stream of Management of Color must be applied totally.

The direction of the instruction is carried out in situ during a visit by one of the technicians of Hahnemühle. The objective is to increase the efficiency of the job stream of impression, the precise management of the color, and the correct practices of impression handling that assures a result high constant quality.

Each study Certificate receives direct support, qualification and factories, services of profiles and the product information directly of Hahnemühle FineArt.

The artists look for a study actively certificate, since they can trust the business to offer a constant quality in all the stages of production of the employees trained in the techniques of impression Fine the most important Art. is than they would receive all the impressions done on Digital Hahnemühle FineArt with quality of file and a good quality of impression.

The use of the Digigraphie term exclusively makes reference to a product of impression:

€¢ With a professional printer Epson Stylus Pro
€¢ With inks Epson UltraChromeTM
€¢ In paper certificate
€¢ Authenticated: numbered, signed by the artist, marked with the seal in dry and accompanied by its certificate.

If one of these four obligations is not fulfilled, the impressions will not be able, in any case, to be described as Digigraphie

®. This obligatory qualification is the form to guarantee, to you and his clients, the fidelity and the permanence of the reproduction.

Moral commitment

The artist commits himself, in the context of the use of the Digigraphie seal, to produce of exclusive way in limited series.

The concept of limited series is defined freely by three certain criteria by the artist:
€¢ The number of reproduced tests
€¢ The format of the reproduction of the work

€¢ The support in which it is printed

If, for a defined series, to the printer, the paper or the format change, it is obligatory that this one becomes a new series. The artist commits himself not to exceed the number of impressions determined, as she indicates herself in the Digigraphie certificate that is given to each buyer of a work.

If these commitments are not fulfilled, Epson reserves the right to retire the seal to him in dry to the artist, as well as the references in the Web of Digigraphie. On the other hand, the artist of Digigraphie can terminate himself in the letter without previous warning and explaining the reasons, but she to Iberian Epson must communicate in advance.

Thanks to it we offer to the artists greater freedom, major visibility and the possibility of controlling its own production.

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