Products of graphical communication in impressionart - Impression Fotográfica and Fine Art

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It complements your exposicón or it decorates a space


In this section we want to show those elements of visual contact that serve as support to the photographic and museísticas exhibitions, the decoration, creation and signaling of spaces.

We want to offer a global solution so that you do not have to worry don't mention it and you can trust to you to us, in addition to the production of the work, the communication of the same.
For the rotulación we used a plotter of cuts Roland, who allows to give form us to printed vinyls and those of color thus being able to create product multitude that does not have a rectangular or square form. Among them labels and adhesives, graphs for vehicles, decorated clothes and special graphs.

In order to realise the impression of rotulación products we used a plotter of HP impression technology latex. By means of this process of impression that combines the ink use latex (water base) and the technology of injection thermal HP red (HP Wide Scan Printheads mall pillows) it is possible to as much obtain odorless impressions long play and permanence in outside as in interior, in addition to an excellent quality of clear image and lives in an ample range of supports: textiles, vinyls, papers, etc€¦.

In this way we can realise the decoration and graphical communication of those spaces that you create more opportune by means of the different types from vinilos, as much of impression as of cut, microperforated, textile canvases and materials, banderoles with eyelets or mast, roll ups, etc.


    The materials used for this type of work are the following:

    • Printed Vinyl
    • Printed Vinyl microperforated
    • Printed Vinyl is transparent
    • Vinyl of cuts glazed
    • Vinyls of cut special
    • Canvases and banderoles of PVC
    • Rollups

    Next we detailed the characteristics of each of them:

      Vinyl printed in color with photographic quality. Polymeric or monomérico following the duration, he is ideal for spaces of interior and flat and smooth superifcies. It allows the impression of photographies, forms, figures and texts of high quality to use in decoration, showcases, crystals, walls, panels, cartelería, señalética, etc. Additionally it is possible to be laminated to protect the impression and to outdoors realise an installation of the same in an outer place.


          Impression on Vinyl Microperforado with photographic quality. As much for interior as outer. Thanks to the small perforations, it allows the passage of the light creating an effect of discretion of the inner vision of the covered surface. Special for showcases, smooth cristaleras, superifcies as aluminum, etc€¦


          Vinyl transparent Polymeric Calendering of Impression of colors.
          Ideal to print in mirror and turns to traverse by its great transparency. Realising white casting anchor we secured the installation of the vinyl by the interior of the crystal.

          Self-adhesive Vinyl for the decoration of glasses, crystals and mirrors with the elegant effect grinding, with greater enhancement when the film takes the hit of the light directly. Ideal for internal or external use. Separation of stays. Duration of the film 7 years. The surface of the film is washable with common detergents for crystals. The adhesive is acrylic extreme-permanent of high cohesion and high transparency.

          , Golden metalised, fluorescent Vinyls, silverplated, etc€¦ Self-adhesive for the decoration of display cabinets, week exhibitors, vehicles, panels and for any outer application of average duration on flat surfaces, equipped with technology €œAir Free FT-System€, the canalized adhesive that facilitates the expulsion of the air in the phase of application.

          The duration of the Film up to 5 years to the outside. In metalised it is of 3/4 years.

          Impression on canvas placard for publicity and signaling of high weight (450/520 g). Of use as much for outside as inner, with photographic quality. They own the characteristic of antitorn material. Optionally it is possible to be added to eyelets for hung man by cord or cables and metallic cases to him for the format banderole.

          The canvases can be mounted in bases of rollup for graphical communication, in measures of 85 xs 200 cm and 100 xs 200 cm.
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