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He sends your archives through wetransfer
Send the image archives to us that you wish to print through wetransfer in three simple steps:

1- Beam click on the logo of wetransfer that it appears at the end of the page.

2- Attached the images to print (trying that satisfy the following requirements)

  • Profile of color: Adobe RGB (1998)
  • Resolution between 180 ppp (minimum) and 360 ppp (maximum optimal)
  • File preferably in format tiff without compression. In case of using pdf or JPG, with minimum compression.

3- It fills out the data Indicates your mail, a telephone of contact and the characteristics to us with which you want that we print your images (so large, type of paper, assembly, etc.). The mail to which wetransfer is due to send is [email protected]

And if you have any consultation, you do not doubt in contacting with us.
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