Photographic and Artistic papers and Supports (Fine Art) - Impression Fotográfica and Fine Art

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Imprime your images on supports of maximum quality and durability

We offer an ample range of photographic and artistic papers of the main manufacturers of supports as Hahnemühle, Epson, Canson and Awagami

We detail next the main characteristics of the papers more used by our clients. In case of needing some specific paper, that does not appear in the listing, you can contact with us and we will try to offer it to you.
Premium Epson Luster Photopaper (260g/m²)

The photographic paper Premium Luster (260gr) offers impressions saturated with maximum cover of color and D-Max major for the impression in photographic quality. Its resin base (RC) of 10 mm offers impressions of photographic quality and the paper stays without waves. He is in addition perfect for the use with all the Epson inks Like all the innovating supports of Epson, this paper offers finished with the best saturation and clearness.
Premium Epson Semimatte PhotoPaper (260g/m²)

The photographic paper Premium Epson Semimatte 260 g/m ² offers to the professional photographers and the graphical designers an additional option to the photographic papers covered with resin. Images of high saturation with greater clearness with an elegant surface of finished mate, which reduces therefore the glare and optimizes the quality of the presentation. Its 254 µm of thickness and its amplest phantom of color turns this paper into one of the favorites of the professionals. In addition, their capacity of immediate drying and absence of wave facilitates the handling, treatment and use of the end item.
Epson Enhanced Matte (192 g/m²)

For photographers who need a flat surface and mate, Epson Enhanced Matte Paper of 192gr of surface matte and bases white is perfect for images that do not need satin. It very produces saturated images, whereas the lights and the shades maintain their details perfectly. Mainly created for its use with inks Epson UltraChrome and DuraBrite.

Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper (250 - 325 g/m²)

EPSON presents a paper in the heat of the moment 100% cotton without acids and pressing with both faces covered for a greater versatility. Created with cylinder molds, he provides two smooth faces extra, optimized for colouring the photographic ones of EPSON. 325gr for the loose leaves, and 260gr for rolls in its different measures appears in two weights. Especially suitable for the professional artists and photographers who need a paper with the best saturation and clearness.
Epson Somerset Velvet (260 - 325 g/m²)

Epson offers this magnificent paper to you with a covering of red injection that fulfills the expectations of quality of the more demanding graphical artists. The paper Epson Somerset Velvet is a paper of cotton 100% with a perfect velvety surface for images in detail. Free of acids that provide lasting impressions when it is used the UltraChrome inks. Like all the supports of Epson, this paper offers finished with the best saturation and clearness

Epson Watercolor (190 g/m²)

Support matte with base of paper of 190 g/m2 cotton, with irregular surface typical of the papers watercolor used by the artists. It is used exclusively with pigmented inks.

Premium Epson Canvas Satinwood (350 g/m²)

Of a resistant mixture 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this linen cloth generates a paper densely 2-1 weave, ideal for photographies and artistic reproductions. It provides a cover of hi-res, sufficiently flexible to extend without yielding and has a fine structure of artistic attributes. Combined with an excellent reproduction of color, Premium Canvas Satinwood offers a satin surface very, of instantaneous and resistant drying to the water that allows all the applications that require a quality of optimal image and which they will be exposed during long time.
Epson Water Resistant Matte Canvas (375 g/m²)

Of a resistant mixture 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this linen cloth generates a dense, ideal weave paper for artistic photographies and reproductions. It provides a cover of hi-res, sufficiently flexible to extend without yielding and has a fine structure of artistic attributes. Combined with our wonderful reproduction of color, Water Resistant Matte Canvas offers a surface mate, of instantaneous and resistant drying to the water that allows all the applications that require a quality of optimal image and which they will be exposed during long time.
Hahnemühle Photo Lustre (260 g/m²)

Hahnemühle Photo Lustre 260 is a covered microporous resin paper with a beautiful surface of brightness, with high opacity, excellent rigidity, of shining and very consistent white color. Compatible with the systems of red injection and pigmented

Hahnemühe FineArt Pearl (285 g/m²)

With a base 100% α-cellulous, the target shining of FineArt Pearl allows to impressive resistances and the pictorial depth in the black and white photography in or color.
The special covering provides finishing.

FineArt Baryta (325 g/m ²)

325 g/m ² · 100% α-Cellulous · target clearly · extrabrilliant
FineArt Baryta establishes new datum points in the aspects depth of colors, chromatic range and clearness of image. It is especially indicated for the impressions black and white with maximum density and precise graduation of grays. The barium sulphate presence in the finished one of the paper guarantees the typical reflecting brightness that it causes that this paper is a noble alternative to the traditional baritado paper of the analogical laboratories.

Hahnemühle Photo Matt Fibre (200 g/m²)

Of warm and smooth color with the tact characteristic of a paper for artists, Photo Matt Fibre 200 is the ideal paper for the HOMEs in the impression inkjet FineArt.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag (188 · 308 · 500 g/m²)

100% Cotton · target
Photo Rag is the most popular paper between the photographers to create FineArt impressions of high quality. Their smooth surface and its tact contribute to the versatility of Photo Rag and they make it ideal to print as much photographies in black and white as in colors and reproductions of art with high depth of image.

Photo Rag

Satinwood (310 g/m ²)
100% Cotton · satin target

Photo Rag Satinwood confers a satin brightness to reproductions of artistic works and photographies. Their main characteristic is the effects reflecting and shining of the printed image whereas the printed area does not remain mate.

William Turner (190 · 310 g/m ²)
100% Cotton · target
This paper of traditional bathtub has the texture mate and the tact of a paper of traditional watercolor. William Turner is ideal for traditional work reproductions of art as well as for extraordinary photographic reproductions and full of effect.

German Etching (310 g/m ²)
100% α-Cellulous · target

This voluminous cardboard originally destined to the engravings, presents a velvety smooth surface of very fine structure. German Etching is one of the used supports more world-wide for photography and art work reproductions.

Monet Canvas (410 g/m ²)
100% Cotton · target

Monet Canvas is a linen cloth of high weight of very fine structure. Its neutral white color is perfect for the art work reproduction, but also for photographic impressions of high quality.
PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPORTSCanson PhotoSatin (260 g/m²


Premium PhotoSatin RC is constituted by a base without cellulous fiber acid alpha covered with a layer couché of polythene and a microporous receiving layer. This photographic paper was developed to satisfy the strictest exigencies in terms of conservation and durability with the impressions. The visual result of Premium PhotoSatin RC remembers the quality of the traditional papers of silver as the baryta and offers attenuated reflections.Canson Baryta Photographique (310 g/m²

Baryta Photographique is the authentic developed baritado paper for the Inkjet technology. It is made up of a base of alfacelulosa without acid and pure target. The paper is covered with the same sulphate of baryta that is applied to the traditional photographic paper and a microporous emulsion of €œcouch逝 to fix inks with a surprising precision and resolution.

Baryta Photographique offers the aspect of the traditional baritado paper and has been developed in agreement with the norm of conservation ISO 9706 to respond to the highest exigencies in terms of resistance to the aging.

This paper of quality museum offers an excellent density of black and a hi-res, turning it into the ideal support for the photography in black and white.

Canson Rag photographique (210/310 g/m2)

Rag Photographique is a paper 100% cotton of quality museum for the edition of digital art and the photography. Its exceptionally white color is obtained during the manufacture adding mineral natural. This paper was conceived to respond to the exigencies of the market in terms of resistance to the aging and durability of the impressions.
It presents a combined unique smooth extreme surface with a satin and sensual tact. It allows to obtain intense, black colors deep, with one the most important Dmax of the market (optical density of the deepest black). He is ideal for the artistic photography and the edition of art.

Arches Aquarelle Rag (240/310 g/m2)

The world-wide reference of the paper watercolor made on round form is now available for the market of the Digitalis Fine Art. This authentic paper watercolor 100% cotton owns the structure, texture and warm tonality of a paper of beautiful traditional arts. This paper also satisfies the highest exigencies in terms of resistance to the aging and fulfills the stricter norms of conservation.

®Aquarelle Rag gives a unique and matchless character to the reproductions of art and to the photographies.


Kozo has basic aspect of washi with the durability and the beauty of fibers kozo.  Recommended to use for the impressions of photographies, works of art and the track of Eastern style of the illustration.

Kozo is one of fibers most representative of Washi and due to its extended fiber and hard, that a excellent high intensity and in the preservation has.  In addition, it has excellent qualities of smooth and strong against folding.  In order to improve the red attribute bleeding, is applied the special covering.
Awagami Bamboo (170 · 250 g/m ²)
Awagami the bamboo is a fine organic option the artist and photographer to exhibit equals remarkable benefits and advantages with respect to documents based on cotton.  This dense but smooth paper was developed originally for the traditional engraving and it takes control of the maximum care for the longevity.