Technology of impression and photographic supports - Impression Fotográfica and Fine Art

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It knows the elements the impression process

In impressionart we realised photographic copies and Fine Art (Glicée) always looking for the maximum quality in all the process of impression of works.

Each type of photography or illustration requires of a good election of the paper, since he will help to the best expression of the same.

We helped to select the support you that better adapts to your photographic work. For it we counted on an amplest range of papers of the main manufacturers such as Epson, Hahnemühle, Canson and Awagami.

In this way you will be able to choose between the papers photographic, such as them mate, baryta, semibrilliants, Luster and brilliants, among others as well as the Fine smooth Art mate and satin or texturados, 100% cotton and/or cellulose. We also make a special mention of the papers Handmade de Awagami that use different materials such as cherry tree, bamboo and others to by hand make an ample range of papers that offer an excellent quality of reproduction of the images.

So important for an excellent reproduction of works it is the election of the support adapted as the ink technology used with more resistant and lasting natural pigments.

We use one of the best technologies of impression of pigmented red injection: EPSON UltraChrome K3 Vivid Magenta and EPSON UltraChrome HDR. In this way we made sure that as much the reproduction the color as of the black and white one it is of the greater demanded quality, also guaranteeing a very long durability of works in all those papers certificates.

The combination of inks pigmented along with a selection of photographic papers and artistic certificates by the main manufacturers allow us to obtain some I impress of maximum quality and discharge durability. Thanks to it, we have the certifications of Epson (Digigraphie) and Hahnemühle (Certified Studio).
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